Excursion to Sevan, Dilijan

Lake Sevan

Duration: 7hrs


  Price without guide 


  Price with guide  


Car (max. 3 passengers)   35 000 AMD   55 000 AMD
Minivan (max. 7 passengers)   45 000 AMD   65 000 AMD


Lake Sevan is located in about 60 kilometers from capital Yerevan, and it takes more or less one hour to get there.

It’s the greatest lake in the Caucasus region and provides fish and fresh water to the Trans-Caucasus region. The lake is tremendously popular with Armenian people and is one of the primary summer destinations for not only Armenians but also foreigners. Primary attractions of the city are the Monastery of Sevanavank and the Monastery of Hayravank.




Dilijan is a town in northern Armenia. It's known for spa resorts and traditional craft workshops. The town is surrounded by the forests of Dilijan National Park.

The Geological Museum and Art Gallery displays archaeological finds and international art.

North of town, Haghartsin Monastery is a complex of stone churches.

East, Goshavank Monastery is known for its intricate khachkars, or carved stones.

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