Excursion to Oshakan-Karmravor-Moughni-Hovhanavank-Saghmosavank


Duration: 5hrs


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Car (max. 3 passengers)   25 000 AMD   45 000 AMD
Minivan (max. 7 passengers)   40 000 AMD   55 000 AMD



Oshakan is a historic village in Aragatsotn Province, Armenia. This unassuming village is valued by historians and revered by members of the Armenian Apostolic Church as the burial place of Saint Mesrop Mashtots, a theologian best known as the creator of the Armenian alphabet.


Karmravor church

Karmravor church or Saint Astvatsatsin (Holy Mother of God) is a 7th-century cross-domed church in the town of Ashtarak (Aragatsotn Region) that was built by priests Grigor and Manas.

The size of this harmoniously proportioned church from outside is only 5,9 x 7,4 meters. It is the only ancient church in Armenia the original roof of which has been preserved till our days.

There is a medieval graveyard with khachkars (cross-stones) and gravestones of 13th – 17th centuries in the court of St. Karmravor church. The oldest khachkar called "Arqakazmoghin" dates back to 1184.

The legend says that there were three sisters who fell in love with the same young man. The two elder sisters decided to sacrifice themselves in order for their youngest sister to be happy with her beloved one. They dressed in red and light orange dresses and threw themselves into the Ashtarak gorge. When their younger sister discovered what had happened she also threw herself into the gorge dressed in white.

After a time, three churches appeared on the edge of the gorge: Karmravor ('karmir'-red), Tsiranavor ('tsirani'-apricot colour) and Spitakavor ('spitak'-white).

The young man became a hermit.


Mughni church

St. George's Moughni monastery located in the Marz of Aragatsotn, in the locality of Moughni, not far from the Kasakh Canyon.

Founded in the 14th century, the monastery was rebuilt from 1661 to 1669. The main building is the church of Sourp Gevorg ("St. George"), completed by a gallery, and surrounded by walls.

The monastery dates back to the 14th century but was rebuilt in the Iranian period from 1661 to 1669 by the architect Sahak Khizanetsi, under the impetus of the vardapet Hovhannes.

It was restored in 1999.


Hovhannavank church

Hovhannavank is a medieval monastery complex situated on the right bank of Kasakh River, in the eastern part of Ohanavan village, Aragatsotn region․ It was a prominent spiritual and cultural center of medieval Armenia.

The main church of the monastery, Katoghike church, was built by Prince Vache Vachutyan in 1216-1221.


Saghmosavank church

The monastery of Saghmosavank is located to the south of Mughni Church, in the province of Aragatsotn. It was built in 13th century  in the village of Saghmosavank near the deep gorge of Qasagh River. Overall, its excellent location provides additional beauty and comeliness to the monastery.

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