Excursion to Garni and Geghard


Duration: 4hrs


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Car (max. 3 passengers)   20 000 AMD   40 000 AMD
Minivan (max. 7 passengers)   30 000 AMD   50 000 AMD


The pagan temple of Garni is supposed to be built in 77 AD. It is located in Kotayk region of Armenia at the left bank of Azat River. The temple was dedicated to God Mihr, the Armenian pagan god of light and the Sun.

According to a Greek inscription, it was founded by Tiridates I of Armenia. In 305 when Armenian King Tiridates III adopted Christianity as a state religion, all the pagan places of worship were destroyed. The Temple of Garni is the only pagan Hellenistic and Greco-Roman structure to have survived. Probably it survived because of its widely recognised status of "masterpiece of art".




GeghardArmenia is famous among tourists for the variety of its monasteries and religious monuments, but the most famous of them is Gegard Monastery or Gegardavank.

Both tourists and locals love Geghard because the view is simply incredible: the monastery is located in a gorge between high suspended rocks, between mountains covered with thick forests. The monastery itself and its cells are carved into the rock.

The monuments included in the complex date to the IV-XIII centuries. Previously, the monastery was called Ayrivank (cave monastery). According to history, the monastery was founded by St. Gregory the Illuminator and was built after the adoption of Christianity as the state religion in Armenia in 301.

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