Excursion to Echmiadzin and Zvartnots


Duration: 3hrs


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Car (max. 3 passengers)   20 000 AMD   40 000 AMD
Minivan (max. 7 passengers)   25 000 AMD   45 000 AMD


Armenia has a strong faith that has always been the main stronghold of the state, the symbol of equity and prosperity.

One of the main sacred and hallowed places for Armenians is the ancient, almost two thousand years old city of Echmiadzin, located in the picturesque Ararat Valley. The historical city originated from the ancient village of Vardkesavan, founded in the 2nd century BCE. Later, in the beginning of the 2nd century CE, the king of the Great Armenia Vagharshak I (117-140) built a capital in its place naming it after himself, Vagharshapat.

Centuries passed, and around the church more new religious constructions began to grow: Saint Hripsime church in 618, St. Gayane Church in 630, Church of St. Shokagat in 1634.

Today Echmiadzin is the center of the Armenian Apostolic Church, with the residence of the patriarch inside the city. In 1992, the city officially received back the ancient name Vagharpashat, but the majority still uses the previous name. In 2000, the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin was included in the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List.


ZvartnotsLocated 5 km from Echmiadzin is one of the brightest landmarkst of medieval Armenian architecture –the magnificent Zvartnots Temple constructed in the 7-th century. Unfortunately, like the majority of other ancient Armenian temples, Zvartnots has survived only in ruins since it was completely destroyed by powerful earthquake in the 10 th century. But even the ruins of this temple give us the idea of its rare and majestic beauty.

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