Yerevan city tour

Yerevan city tour

Duration: 3hrs


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Yerevan (former Erebuni) is 2795.

In the 5th year of his reign the king Argishti the First built it as a town-fortress. Soldiers, 6600 in number, were the first dwellers of the town. Cuneiform record left by Argishti the First tell the following: "In the greatness of the god Khald, Argishti, Menua’s son, has built this impregnable fortress and called it Erebuni for the power of the country of Biaini and to enemies’ horror. Argishti says... The land was unpopulated, and here I have done great work. In the greatness of the god Khald, Argishti, Menua’s son, powerful king, the king of the country of Biaini, the ruler of the city of Tushpa".

Yerevan was the first city in the Soviet Union, for which a General Plan was developed. The General Plan developed by the academician Alexander Tamanyan was approved in 1924: it was designed for 150000. In the course of time the administrative area of the city increased 5 times. Construction of Yerevan started: it was built by basalt, granite and marble. The most widely used construction material was rosy tuff. Since this construction material gave a unique vividness and specific tint to the city, Yerevan was called "Rosy city". During next 70 years the area of the city was enlarged even more.
On September 21, 1921 Yerevan became not only a capital of the independent Republic of Armenia, but also of all Armenian people spread all over the world.

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