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    Tourists staying at Erebuni hotel can choose special tours to well-known Armenian attractions. Tours are organized by the Hotel. Destinations are selected based on “ratings” given by tourists to the Armenian sites.

    For new visitors the list of attractions includes the following destinations:
    1. Yerevan City tour
    2. Garni and Geghard
    3. Echmiadzin and Zvartnots
    4. Khor Virap and Noravanq
    5. Tsakhkadzor and Lake Sevan
    6. Haghartsin and Goshavanq
    7. Haghpat and Sanahin (UNESCO World Heritage Sites)
    Erebuni hotel can offer other destinations or combined tours to different destinations based on preferences of clients (and depending on the whether). The list of other of attractive destinations is below:
    1. Byurakan - Aragats Moantain/Lake
    2. Tatev Monastery
    3. Akhtala Monastery
    4. Ashtaraki Dzor
    5. Harichavanq
    6. Amberd castle and Church
    7. Sanahin Monastery
    8. Dilijan –Resort town
    9. Smbataberd Castle
    10. Odzun Church
    11. Saghmosavank
    12. Shikahogh state preserve
    13. Yenokavan Canyon
    14. Arjer Cave
    15. Jermuk Town – hot springs
    16. Arzakan - Hot springs
    17. Satanayi Kamurj - Land bridge & hot springs
    18. Selim Caravanserai - Intact Silk Road Caravanserai
    19. Byurakan - world famous observatory
    20. Parz Lich - Lake
    21. Artsakh/Karabagh
Below you can find short descriptions of certain sites in Armenia

Yerevan - The capital of first, second and third republics of Armenia.
Was founded by Urartian (Araratian) King Argishti I in 782 B.C. by building the Erebuni fortress.
Tsakhkadzor- Winter and Summer resort center, developed tourist infrastructure, modern rope-way up to the hill. Kecharis monastery, 11-13 centuries.
Echmiadzin - the Holy Seat of All Armenian Catholicos to the date (with certain time intervals). Here is situated The Mother Cathedral of Echmiadzin, which was built and consecrated by Grigor Lousavorich (Grigor the Illuminator) in 301-303. Is located 20 km from Yerevan.
Khor-Virap - Armenian architectural monument located 44 km from Yerevan. Well-known place of pilgrimage connected with the name of Grigor Lousavorich (Grigor the Illuminator).
Garni, Geghard - For visitors the tours to these different sites are combined, since they are situated at 9 km distance from another.
Garni village, which is 29 km from Yerevan, is distinguished by its fortress (ruined) dating back to the 2nd century B.C, and the pagan temple built in the year 77, which was restored during the period of 1969 -74.
Geghard - Armenian medieval architectural complex, monastery. Consists of the main church, adjacent vestibule, two churches carved into the rock, and a chapel-sepulchre.
Zvartnots - Armenian architectural monument, ruined temple. The temple was consecrated in the year 652 and survived till the end of X century. Is situated at 17th km on the highway to Echmiadzin.
Noravank - Medieval Armenian monastery, religious and cultural center, situated at 5 km from Areni village, Vayots Dzor marz, and 110 km from Yerevan.